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Well, another week and another set-up chapter for another town in Wano.  This time, we explore Bakura Town and learn more about our new female characters.  But first, let's talk about Bellamy.  It feels refreshing to see Bellamy turn things around and leave his pirate past behind.  I don't usually talk about the cover stories, but I felt that I had to talk about Bellamy's developments. 

We start off with Urashima's obsession with Kiku and how he wants to get her hand in marriage. He is convinced by another Smile User known as Mouseman to just take her by force no matter what. We get to see Urashima evolve as a villain and you gotta feel bad for that racoon dog.

Now we're introduced to another goofy character in the form of Holdem who's a funny fusion of a human upper half and lion bottom half. The anime should have fun with the interactions between Holdem and his lion stomach especially when the lion made Holdem, you know, hold "em." In all seriousness though, Holdem wants Tama's taming DF powers and would go so far to harm a little girl with a pair of pliers, ouch.

Finally, we head off to the Sumo Tournament where Urashima is kicking all types of ass, but a commotion gets going when Kiku shows up. The crowd disapproves a popular icon like Urashima from marrying a low-class girl like Kiku. When Kiku gets taken, we have another funny moment of Zoro not defending her because he doesn't want to fight half-naked men, lol. In the end, we get some drama as Kiku cuts off Urashima's honorific topknot. Overall, this chapter was more humor based than action based.

Will Kiku's attack make Urashima hate her? Who will defeat Urashima? Will Luffy and Co. save Tama? Will the Heart Pirates come to the rescue? Where are the other Straw Hats?

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