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And we're back, but hey, we got an early chapter this time.  It's also reported that chapters 918 and 920 will arrive early in their weeks while chapter 919 will get a normal release. 

We learn more about the Paradise Food Reserve and how the Beasts Pirates are robbing the people of Wano of healthy food and clean water. Speed finally makes her debut and she looks gorgeous, but she needs to work on her smile. The biggest concern is how long she'll last since she's a Headliner like Holdem, but we'll get to that later.

The main focus on the chapter is rescuing Tama from Holdem. After, Holdem interrogates Kiku about Shutenmaru and his gang of thieves, we get some bad news. Jack was rescued from the sea after getting wrecked by Zunisha near Zou and he'll make his appearance during the Wano Arc. Just like an Admiral coming to Sabaody if a Celestial Dragon is attacked, Jack will destroy a village and its residents should someone mess with Holdem. Luffy begins a plan to rescue Tama while Zoro and Kiku take the fresh food from Speed and her men.

Meanwhile, Hawkins comes across Law even though Law is wearing a basket helmet as a disguise. Will we get Law vs. Hawkins in a battle of Supernovas? One would hope.

Now, the main event, Luffy vs. Holdem. After rescuing Tama and learning about the torture that she went through, Luffy takes his anger out on the man with the lion dick. Even better, Holdem gets what he deserves, a nice Red Hawk to the face as Luffy one-shots a Headliner.

Will Speed go down as easily? Will we see Shutenmaru soon? Will Law fight Hawkins? Will Jack or another Calamity like King and Queen show up?

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