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So, last week, folks were speculating about the graves at the end of Chapter 918.  A good amount of fans were split on whether Momo and Co. were ghosts or somehow traveled through time. Eventually, people were right about the time theory for now, but we'll dig deep into that later.

We start off with Tama being able to tame Speed and use her as a personal steed on the way back home, followed by the villagers thanking Luffy for giving them food. Said food was enough to keep the villagers healthy for the first time in almost forever, even if Law thinks it's wrong for a pirate to be nice. With Tama going home, we'll probably see Tenguyama along with Tama and Speed soon. Remember, Tenguyama is still waiting for someone to meet with him at his place.

Meanwhile, we're exposed to the indoctrination that is being used on the youth of Wano. A Snake Smile User is teaching her class about how isolationism is good, and how opening the borders like Oden tried to do is bad. We're also exposed to a new prophecy about 9 figures opening up Wano 20 years since Oden was killed. We see a smug pompadour guy named Kyoshiro go into detail about this prophecy and how these 9 figures will kill everyone. When you think about it, the Straw Hats (not including the possibility of Jinbe and Carrot joining) have 9 members, so this prophecy is more likely to be talking about them as being the liberators of Wano.

Finally, at the ruins, Luffy is confused on why the graves of Momo, Kinemon, etc. are there and try to argue with Law on whether they're dead or not. Kinemon shows up, sick with diarrhea, and is reunited with Kiku. We get the grand reunion of the Straw Hats (except for Robin who's still performing undercover as a Geisha). Also, the Straw Hats found Luffy's Vivre Card, so there's that.

And now, the big twist. Momo, Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizou, and possibly Kiku were present at Oden's death 20 years back and somehow traveled through time. Did Oden or someone else have some DF that allows them to freeze time or push someone into the future? If they didn't time travel, could they perhaps find someone like Bonney and have her use her DF on them which would reduce their age? Does someone like Kaido have this same effect, it could explain why he keeps trying to kill himself especially if his ability to die is frozen in time. More needs to be revealed next week.

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