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Welcome back from the One Piece hiatus where we're given such a loaded chapter like this one. Once again, a fan theory is proven to be correct and this chapter lives up to the hype.

We begin with an explanation for the festival that's going to take place on Kaido's personal island. When Kaido, Orochi, and their men are drunk from the banquet, the Straw Hats and their allies will launch their attack and start their rebellion. However, Kinemon needs to find some allies based on the crescent moon mark on their left ankle. We also find out that Kinemon is married to O-Tsuru which is kinda unusual. Kinemon hands out the roles to the Straw Hats: Zoro and Usopp will be stationed in the capital city even though Zoro screwed up, Franky will find the blueprints to Kaido's house, Robin will continue to work as Geisha in order to get closer to Orochi, Brook will secure the food supplies in the capital, Nami will be a Kunoichi, Sanji will cook for the public in order to draw in crowds and look for allies, and Chopper and Carrot will go with Kiku to meet up with Inurashi.

We're also given a treatment into more of Kinemon's perviness. With his clothes DF, Kinemon gives Nami a skimpy outfit and claims that it's the appropriate outfit for a Kunoichi even though a veteran Kunoichi like Shinobu shows up with a better outfit. Seeing Nami pissed off as pervs never get old. However, Kinemon gets to the point and mentions three powerful allies - Kawamatsu, Denjiro, and Ashura Douji. Finding them will be the key, but are they still alive?

Back in Okobore-Town, we learn that Shutenmaru isn't the Robin Hood we all thought he would be. Instead, he's some fat ass who raids villages and steal from innocents because there are no samurais around. Oh, guess who's back? It's Jack who was last seen at the bottom of the ocean. For some reason, Jack is struggling with a fat samurai/thief which he shouldn't be.

Now, the big moment. The reveal of Kaido's dragon form. That's right, as many people predicted, Kaido has a Dragon DF and looks pretty badass for an Eastern Dragon. How will Luffy and the others slay this dragon?

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