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Alright I am going to make literally the craziest fight in all of One Piece wiki... There will be 5 teams of 5 and you are supposed to tell me who you think will win...

Team 1: Aokiji, Katakuri, Eustass Kid, Blackbeard (Pre-Marineford) , and Mihawk

Team 2: DoFalmingo, Fujitora, Trafalgar Law, Boa Hancock, and Big Mom

Team 3: Cracker, Monkey D Luffy, Kaido, Jinbe, and Kizaru

Team 4: Smoothie, 200 Pacifistas, Old Whitebeard, Capone Bege, and Douglas Bullet

Team 5: Akainu (Post TS), Gild Tesoro, Basil Hawkins, Old Raileygh, Sabo

Which team will it be? If you choose your answer say what dif it will be:

Extreme difficulty

High difficulty

Mid difficulty



Extreme difficulty means the team barely won and Godstomp means the team won with no difficulties at all.

-All are bloodlusted

-Speed is NOT equal


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