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I think enough was said about the awesomeness of Sabo in this chapter, but here is my question to you - what is this dreaded 'Bird Cage'?

It's pretty obvious that Doffy is the bird because, you know, he's a flamingo. But what exactly is the cage? And what does he do in the cage? Just he just trap people in there for eternity? I find it hard to believe. So he probably attacks them inside. Now, I'm guessing Pica has something to do with the cage but I'm not sure. It could be that Pica surrounds the enemies with a cage made of stone and then Doflamingo sets up some intricate string device, with him also being inside the cage. Maybe he makes a web of sharp strings OR he could just control everyone with his Parasite and let them all be birds fighting with each other and the last one will be finished up by him. BUT, the cage could be something else. It could be the room, the castle, or some space that Doflamingo creates using his abilities (possibly a string dome of sorts?). It could also be similar to Law's Room, some space that Doflamingo creates and within it he controls everything - let me know what you think.

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