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Hey Hudson Addis here, Here’s a prediction for 986 (out on 08/02 four before my birthday)

Cover art Lola and Chiffon hugging Pound

All onigashima residents collectively go “Eeeeeeeeeeee” Kaido goes “Shut up you pieces of piss,” Momo gets up from his state of unconsciousness and sees orochis head “Ohh that’s good who saved me-gozaru?” Kaido goes to look at Momo And right as he is about to execute Momo orochi gets up and says “Kaido I thought we had and alliance.” turns into Yamato no orochi doesn’t notice that he only has seven heads kaido “You Bastard”

                   *cut to Kanjuro vs nine red scabbards*

Kanjuro “Kiku show me what you got” Inuarashi “You-teia scabbards go ahead I’ll handle this traitor” Kanjuro “Not so fast ,Inu, Kiku kill him” Kiku tries to slice inuarashi and nekomamushi shoots him with his arm gun Neko “Not so fast Kiku” Kanjuro “...BASTARD”

          * at this point the people in the execution room hear Kanjuro *

Fukurokuju Runs out to Kanjuro Fuku “Kanjuro-San kaido tried to assassinate orochi-sama” Kanjuro “Impossible why would he...” Fuku “And he’s planning on doing it again Kanjuro “E..e.eee..eee?” Fuku “he came back but with one less head“ Kanjuro “Ohhhhhh”

                  *both come rushing inside*

Kanjuro “Kaido, You bastard ,KIKU!“ Kiku “yes Kanjuro-Sa...” Inuarashi slices him from the back “KANJURO” Kanjuro gets his head sliced off orochi style by inu’s leg Kaido looks at momonosuke thinks ‘this is more important than shogun boy over here’ Goes to kill Momo Yamato and luffy both stop kaido Kaido “Yamato And luffytaro” Y & L “Shut up (Y Dad) (L Kaido)” Big mom “STRAWHAT” Kaido “Nows not the time we need to kill momonosuke” Yamato vs Kaido, Luffy vs big Mom Luffy “hey Yamato let me take off those handcuffs.. I’m getting weak wait... are those sea prism?” Yamato “yes, why are you ask?” Luffy “im a devil fruit user too!” Momonosuke “I don’t have much time left” Scabbards look at Momo’s vivre card “Momonosuke-sama” End of chapter next chapter august 9th

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