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Been a while since I did any blogs. I have long wanting to create new blogs already but was being too lazy and mostly hang out at the Loud House Wiki and created some blogs over there and doing 2 nutshell series there and had not made anymore Loud House episodes in a nutshell so far and I long want to write a One Piece inspired story with other stories mixed in. Plus I was supposed to be doing arc reviews and there are long due.

Finally I have to force myself to create a new blog, this time is discussing the logic behind the void century, the Great Kingdom, Laugh Tale, Joy Boy and the World Nobles with some commentary behind these things.

We all currently know that during the Void Century there use to be a kingdom that holds dangerous ideals and created a threat that cause the World Government to ban research on the Void Century. What the threat was or what the ideals were was one of the greatest mysteries in One Piece.

Although judging by how Rayleigh was uncomfortable to answer Robin's question or how Oden did not want to share information to his scabbards or how outlaws who did find the information about the lost history chose to just drop it and forget it. This shows however that the kingdom did something to tick off twenty kingdoms and most other nations in the world to tear it down and decided to cover up 100 years rather then just say the kingdom was being bad and decided to overthrow it.

To me, this is One Piece answer to "History written by winners" motif but the government took it to the extreme to say it does not deserve to be remembered. This is very similar damnatio memoriae or rather damnation of memory, a method practiced for thousands of years against anyone or anything for various of reasons. Of one of many examples, in 211 AD, Roman Emperor Caracalla hated his brother Geta who co-ruled with him and the two has always been fighting had him killed and his image on any portrait erased but the bust of Geta manage to survive. In fact how the twenty kingdoms fought the great kingdom for dominance is very; if not is similar to the war between the Roman republic and the Carthage republic. The Romans manage to defeat Carthage over the dominance of the Mediterranean sea. After the war was finally over, Rome razed the city to the ground and either killed or expelled citizens out out of the city and robbed the resources in the city. There was an myth that the Romans supposedly salted the earth and told the gods to ditch it. Carthage would lay in ruins until Caesar revived the city. This is eerily similar to what happened to Laugh Tale and how no one could find it.

Whatever if the twenty kingdoms were wrong or if the great kingdom is wrong, in the world of One Piece there is no good vs evil. The great kingdom clearly did something bad and the equally bad twenty kingdoms think they are right that they decided to overthrow it for power rather for justice. It was clear that the world government carried the nasty side of the twenty kingdoms with the world nobles being assholes, living in the high cliffs of the Red Line and treating everyone beneath them as dirt and thinking themselves as gods due to overthrowing an evil kingdom that no one even knows about with sounds loopy. Because no one knows about the great kingdom that many people sees the world nobles as bossy assholes that demands tributes for founding the government that they come to fear them and eventually hate them but can't do anything without provoking an marine admirals. It's amazing how the world has to put up with them for 800 years, logically they should've been torn down long ago already.

However there is a loop hole when covering up 100 years and since the Robin flashback that has been bothering me. I come to wonder why 100 years? If you turn off your brain it may make sense but once you think and look deep you might see something wrong with that.

This implies the great kingdom was around starting 900 years ago but would it make sense to cover up what happened 901 years ago or 910 or 940? First off how did the great kingdom come to be? If the great kingdom pops up and dominates the world 900 years ago and did things, it would take a long time for the kingdom to do because it would need allies and it would take years to dominate the world. The world government also needs to cover up the development of the great kingdom which would be impossible to cover up in 100 years. It is likely the world government covers up everything before 900 years ago but these 100 years were much more important likely because the great kingdom reached it's peak 900 years ago and at the middle of the century things went downhill.

And now 800 years ago, how did they get people to forget what happened the last 100 years? You'll think there would be so many eyewitnesses, pictures being hidden away, people discussing on dinner table or private conversations about what happened 801 years ago. To get all people to forget what happen 900, they would need to get almost all people killed, unless of course if the world government pulled Horizon Dawn Zero on the world by restarting it. The events of these 100 years is too big for people to simply forget. In fact there are people who knew details like Neptune knowing who Joy Boy is, Nefertiti knowing there is no history written on the Arabasta phoneglyph, Killer knowing about the ancient warship the bell was on or Pappug knowing how the government was formed. Yet no one questions what the world government did to gain power or what is the justification for the world noble to exist. There were however countless of stories made by the government and denials to confuse the world.

And the ideals the kingdom has, whatever the ideals were, has there have been other nations who may come up with dangerous ideas and becoming powerful that the government has to shit them down? Why cover 100 years over these ideas? If any nations came close to becoming the next great kingdom past 800 years, do the government has to waste all the efforts to cover up few years or so? It is likely that the world government uses the 100 years as an example to prevent that from happening again and keeping an eye to prevent any nations from becoming the next great kingdom.

However I would not be surprised if the great kingdom was indeed a bad kingdom, if it was then I can see why Roger was laughing when he found out the truth because of how painfully ironic it was because of how the world government is no better. That would make a lot of sense.

Im, the elder stars, the threat is something I should bring up some other time but they don't fit in this topic.

These questions may be answered at the final arc but it is sure brain teasing just thinking about all this. What are your thoughts about this?

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