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As soon as I saw the chapter title, I knew where this would be headed.

Bastille, fresh outta intensive care, is barking orders to Marines, who have hit the unfortunate roadblock of the gladiators. I hope this isn't the last of them on Dressrosa, as their arrival doesn't really seem to be a fitting swan song right now.

And man, I am so relieved that after countless nights spent in worry, our pal Farul is alive. :')

In regards to my last statement about the gladiators, I'd like to say the opposite about the title character. When Luffy shouted that he was gonna take her somewhere, I felt a stab of fear in my heart that she was going to join the crew. The fear is real brothers.

But instead, Luffy takes her to her dad's house, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. In the process, he manages to completely ruin his reputation to everyone except Gatz. We then get an obligatory tearful reunion. The End.

Silly readers. We know that this is Dressrosa, and things are never that easy. In comes Admiral Fujitora to extend things.

Overall a meh chapter for me. Of course Luffy wouldn't ignore something he felt strongly about, but in the end it seemed wishy washy. I am glad that Viola is going to be queen princess now, she deserves it.

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