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When the forces of the Japanese government conspire to take on the scanlation power duo Jaimini's Box and Mangastream, new heroes shall rise in their place. We experienced the reign of terror of Z-Ani, and this time, the translation isn't quite so bad, but by no means is it good and it's even more fond of gratuitious swearing than Mangastream (though it does keep Katakuri's name, so in a way it's already better than MS). You can read it here; if you're morally opposed, you'll probably have to wait till tomorrow or Sunday. The future of illegal scanlations may never be the same.

Anyways, for those of you who were daring enough to read, let's talk about the chapter. Honestly, it surprised me if only because I was expecting for Big Mom to immediately eat the cake. But this turn of events makes a lot of sense in retrospect, considering that Luffy will need to reunite with his crew and he can't get on the Sunny. Looking forward to seeing what Bege plans to do with the cake and I hope it doesn't get offscreened.

I never expected for Smoothicc to be part of triplets! We'll have to see how similar they are to her in terms of their actions in the arc; I mean, zero times three is still zero after all. Oda SEEMS to be hinting that Smoothicc might actually do something as she pursues the Straw Hats with the help of her sissies, but I'm not going to trust anything until I see it given Smoothicc's other..."actions" throughout the arc. Well, at least we're guaranteed action from Oven and his garrison, since everyone knows guys like Oven have the real power. I'm seeing a pretty good likelihood of Sanji battling Oven in order to free Luffy. Though things don't seem to look too good for Pound now :(

Katakuri giving Luffy a FATALITY at the end of the chapter was a real kicker. Yeah, I know Luffy is just going to get up again even with a chunk of his side removed, but his expression coupled with Flampe's really sold it for me. Especially Flampe, I know some people might think she's useless but she really made that scene for me. A pure cold-blooded laugh that just makes me more excited to see her expression once Katakuri's back finally eats dirt.

Overall this was a really fun chapter that took events in a way I wasn't expecting, and somehow kept me interested in the future events we still have to get through before this arc ends. 8.8/10

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