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This chapter was pretty much a wiki editor's wet dream and nightmare at the same time. So many new names for characters to get pages, some reappearances, abilities n shit, it's all cool. With the encyclopementries out of the way, let's review and discuss the chapter as best as I'm able to at 3 in the morning.

Luffy's and Katakuri's fight was a nice continuation from where it left off before. Luffy's on Katakuri's level now, and the two can trade blows like there's no tomorrow. And of course, Snakeman. The one and only form where Luffy concentrates all his power into his anaconda and stretches it infinitely like a Gomu Gomu no Culverin, because even though Katakuri said that anything Luffy can do he can do better, he probably has a baby weewee. Cockblock no Jutsu! All jokes aside, though, I honestly don't have any real idea what Snakeman could be. I'm just along for the ride I guess. Tankman was really fun and creative, let's hope Snakeman is the same.

Smoothicc actually DOES A FIGHTING! And it only took 49 chapters, you go girl! But really, there's a real sense of underlying tragedy here. When Smoothie does try to help, all she does is demolish everything she comes into contact with. The ship, her sisters, my ass, it's all ogre now. If she did anything during the wedding, she'd probably break through the floor of the venue and doom everyone to a kiss with the pavement hundreds of feet below. Such is the tragedy of Smoothicc, whose hips were far more powerful than we could ever have imagined.

It's interesting that Chiffon, the Minister of Puffs, wants to go to her own island instead of the Beer Island. I hope that gives her more of an opportunity to shine once the cake is fed.

The new Charlottes? Eh, cool. I remember thinking Raisin was gonna be this important strong guy when he showed up at the front of the enraged army, but that is now but a distance memory. And Snack...looking absolutely...NOT like a Snack! There goes all my Snack-Urouge yaoi fantasies. His head I guess is a snack though. Or as we call it here, "fun-sized".

Overall I enjoyed the more frantic pace of the chapter, compared to the more prolonged action we've seen previously. Through some miracle, we won't have to wait more than a week to see Snakeman, and with it will surely come a pretty big conclusion to this fight. Until the next time!

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