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My review blog for Chapter 873, all the way back in last summer, was titled "It Isn't Over Until the Fat Lady Eats". And's over. It's all over.

I don't really know. I actually find it pretty fun when things get dark like this. Of course, the voice in my ear is telling me that this is hardly going to be lasting, they'll get out of this somehow, etc. But until then, I just like to relish it. The indomitableness of a Yonko crew. No matter how much they bend, they just won't break. Only when you feel like you've reached the top do you actually hit that wall. They may get out fine ultimately, but unless this is all an illusion or something it should have a considerable effect on how the crew is going to approach Kaido.

For an arc as trippy as Whole Cake Island, where everything is alive, the concept of "food" grows disturbingly vague, and you have the echoes of a 6-year-old's foolishness dictating a good amount of the conflict, it was an appropriate finale. Well..."finale". I did hear a theory that Oda would skip to the Reverie next chapter and leave this up in the air for a while...while I'm doubting it for now, I wouldn't put it past him. I think it'd be pretty bold and honestly the thought excites me.

More minor thoughts on the chapter that aren't as pretentious: I really liked seeing the Queen Mama Chanter in action when it's been MIA since 825, especially considering how it's the BMP's flagship. And on a more critical note, I do wish Snack had been more involved here, but that's just minor and so is he apparently.

And man, I can't believe we're at Chapter 900 already. It just feels like I read Chapter 800, even though that was two and a half years ago. The 100's chapters have been pretty impactful to me; I caught up to the series around the time Chapter 700 came out, and 800's developments got me extremely excited for the forward progression of the story after my first two years of weekly reading was contained entirely within one island. I'm getting old...but I still feel like one of the youngest users here. There's so much left to read...that is, if there's anything left for Luffy's story.

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