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Apparently this chapter was really short, which I didn't pick up on at first because hoo boy is there a lot of new characters and new abilities here.

I really love the four Revo. executives for their diversity. We've got a giant okama, a mink, a token girl, and a guy who can turn into the flock of crows that we saw on Dressrosa. Maybe it's just me, but they feel reminiscent of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Morley is Drax, Betty Boop (which I will probably always call her) is Gamora, Lindbergh is Rocket and Karasu is Groot. All they're missing is a cocky guy to lead them, which I guess might be Sabo.

The powers were all pretty great too, and simple, from moving the ground like clay to turning into crows to strength through inspiration and also a jetpack gunslinger. I look forward to seeing these abilities in action against Mariejois.

I am surprised that the Revolutionaries' role has already been revealed so early; a lot of people saw it coming, but I think most were expecting a surprise entrance. Though what surprised me more is how...well off the Revolutionaries seem to be, after being attacked by Blackbeard on the flip side of Whole Cake Island. While consequences could still very easily come into play, it still feels weird that everything seems fine right now.

Also, Pinkbeard was funny, but also an interesting indication of Blackbeard's new status and power. Like Big Mom and Kaido, he now has crews working under him!

So yeah...that's about all I have to say. Short review for a short chapter. Had a lot of fun with the introduction of new characters and new abilities and look forward to seeing them in action again.

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