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The imbodiment of the World Government hype I've been building up in my 5.5 years of reading One Piece. Something unimaginable, an immense, grim, figure that held it all. It all feels so imminent, and yet, still immeasurably far. Idk why I'M imparting so much flowery poetry, I haven't slept im nearly 24 hours, but it was all worth it to see 'im.

Yeah, Kuma's been impounded and is getting impaled, Bonney continues fueling speculations and implications galore, the Revolutionaries are hoping their impudent declaration of war won't come to an impasse, the Levely is impending, yada yada yada. Someone else can write a blog about that. Let's go back to Im before I implode.

OK, actually, I don't know what else to think or imply about Im. I'm impressed with the name, it's simple yet strong. Also, it invokes another comic book character I know: Mim, queen of the dragons, keeper of the balance until she became indisposed. Mother of dragons? Keeper of a balance? The imagery fits to a T. Given what we know from their previous appearance, Luffy seems likely to be the impending impetus of the imminent shift in balance that Im will impute, but what of Blackbeard, Shirahoshi, and Vivi? Who was the pirate Shanks imparted information about to the elders? So many questions, so little time to answer 'im.

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