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I'm alive! I think...

This chapter, like the last one, managed to be both full of exposition while incredibly fast-paced, so much so that I'm almost out of breath. This is exciting!

There were some pretty nice panels in this chapter. Luffy's simple declaration that Ace is dead, Tama hitting him when they're riding, the shot of Wano Wasteland...pretty captivating stuff.

The character that's the most interesting to me in all this is Hitetsu. There's so much about him that seems untapped, like the history of his clan, the person he's waiting for, how his nose seems to grow and shrink. I hope we get to see him again soon.

Luffy's reunion with Zoro was pretty charming, and it's great to see them back in action together. And now we have three Supernovas facing off! This is exactly the kind of quality content that I read pirated copies of this manga to see. I'm hoping that we might at least get some blows traded and get to see what Hawkins is capable of. Straw Hat vs. straw man, let's go! Aaaaand of course there's a break next week. C'mon, Oda, I don't pirate your manga just for you to slack off like this!

How was the chapter!

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