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Aren't I amazing?

No, I'm totally not drunk. Everything I do is completely intentional, and is perfectly designed and executed to obliterate my enemies. I just one-shotted some of my pesky enemies in a single page. Big Mom never did that, the weakling. I can't wait until I vaporize that old hag too.

Though it really is a shame, I was hoping there might be a challenge that could kill me. That blow to the head certainly hurt, but if that's the best whoever's got then he'll probably be dead in half a chapter. A real shame. Whitebeard got to meet death, Vergo and Monet too, so why not me? Alas, I fear the Wano arc will soon be over, but such is the life of me, Kaido of the Beasts. At least it was flashy.

How was my attack?

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*burps* wheres my liquor at, haven't had any in a while