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This chapter was a lot different from the last one but just as awesome, maybe even more so.

Complaints out of the way first: Sanji-P1's conclusion being offscreen kind of sucked, even though the result was rather inevitable. Also, why'd Alpacaman get a name but the Jack-scorpion guy didn't? I mean, he'll probably get a name in the next chapter, but still.

The chapter was carried by the very high quality of its interactions. The Big Mom Pirates banter (guess Katakuri's doing fine), Hitetsu's reaction to Tama taking Big Mom out for a spin, Robin's report, Alpacaman spitting on Luffy, Hyo's speech to the scorpion guy. Sanji obsessing over the women's bath was a bit lesser in quality, but at least it wasn't entirely out of place. Plus his reaction to Komurasaki's death was pretty funny.

Also nice to finally get Wano fully mapped out. Maybe in OP Magazine or even a future manga chapter we can get a full, detailed spread of the country. But we'll have to wait two weeks if we just want to get to the Queen concert...

Overall, I just can't believe how much new content is in this chapter. You can bet a lot of plot threads will be traced through here, alright.

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