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An early chapter that doesn't come with a break? How bout that!

Luffy continues with the "thank u, next" as Queen clearly thinks he has all the time in the world to slowly ramp up all his forces at him, and oh look, he likes shiruko which Big Mom likes too! This definitely isn't setting up for some massive embarrassing carnage! There's foreboding juxtaposition, and then there's this thick paste of proclaiming the future. Only question is will Daifugo get the chance to be embarrassed a second time before Big Mom arrives?

Kamazo's arrival and allegiance revelation was a nice twist, glad all the mystery folk around Wano aren't all missing Kozuki samurai. And of course, him giving Zoro possibly his most gruesome wound since the timeskip was pretty thrilling, so thrilling in fact that I was rather let down when Zoro struck him down soon afterwards, and hope that he might have some fight left in him.

A topic of discussion I've seen now and then is whether or not Zoro will keep Shusui after Wano. He did legitimately earn the sword, but how's he gonna prove it? The citizens may like him enough at the end to declare he's earned it, but if anyone's NOT gonna do that, it's these old feudal fuddy-duddies. Zoro may end up leaving the sword behind out of respect, and replace it with Nidai Kitetsu. Thoughts on this?

There's also the matter of who the woman with Toko is. She screams Komurasaki, and right now I'm not leaning one way or the other, she definitely could pass as her without much issue but then again, it's far from unlikely she's the only one struck with Robin-face syndrome.

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