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Today is a day that will almost certainly go down in history. In my seven years of reading One Piece, I'm not sure there has ever been such a tremendous revelation contained within a single chapter. I commend everyone who waited the two days until the official release came out to talk about this, and I empathize with the rather many of you who couldn't wait. It's a huge twist after all. I'm sure it was hard enough to hold your tongue on the Yonko bounties, and Rocks, and Kanjuro being the traitor, and Denjiro being Kyoshiro, so for a revelation like this to come out you pretty much have to disregard the Spoiler Rules and just live in the moment, a truly unparalleled turning point for the series.

But now that the chapter is officially out, it's time for us to officially delve into this magnificently complicated turn of events. Yamato actually being female, but also sometimes male, means a lot of things to a lot of people. Since Yamato was clearly destined to marry Perospero and seal Kaido and Big Mom's alliance, there was certainly a hope that One Piece would have its first landmark gay marriage. That doesn't seem like it'll happen quite yet, but whether Yamato is Perospero's wife or husband, you can be sure that they will be taking this series by storm. I honestly can't think of how else Yamato being female affects the series, but I'm sure it'll come to me over time just how important this development is, cause there's obviously a reason why this has been such a huge talk of the town, right?

Anyways, I'll mention the other, less important things that happened in the chapter. Kiku, a character whose gender has been unconventional much like Yamato's (though in a much more low-key and easily resolved way, glad we avoided any potential drama with her), reunites with her brother Izo, a very touching moment. Izo is kind of hot, not going to lie. Also, Kaido has a new Onigashima Initiative in the works. What is it? Is this related to the war he mentioned all the way back in his first appearance? Whatever it is, it's probably not a huge deal, definitely won't be as important to the plot as Yamato.

What are your thoughts on Kaido's place in our 21st century society?

What did you think about the chapter?

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