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Hello denizens of the wiki (and Pau). This is a sequel to this blog, and you might say sequels are never as good as the original, to which I reply


But alas, times back then were simpler, and the way of image posting life people once knew has ceased to exist. But fear not, I come to tout the solution we still have!

Why is this necessary? Well, our evil tyrant admins decided one day that only certain types of images can be uploaded on this wiki. Images from One Piece, that have to be used in productive wiki articles (the horror). So you can't upload things just for your user page, or your blog post, you know, the important stuff. However, thanks to the wonders of the internet, there is a way to make images appear just by linking them, as I've just done above!

If you've read the original blog, you know that we could once use images with direct links from Photobucket or Imageshack. Alas, thanks to some Wikia updates, this is no longer viable, and the link will just sit there as text. We also had Template:ExternalImageLoader where you could put a url inside brackets, but that broke too and the ancient Indian god that created it is no longer with us. So, what do we do now?

While I can't claim that this is the only way, this is a pretty quick and easy one. Rather than upload the image onto this wiki, you need to upload it onto another wiki. A good option for that is our spam wiki,, or you can use a personal test wiki if you have one/want to make one. Once you've uploaded your image, you need to go onto the image page. Here, I'll show you with an example image. Neo used Brook in her blog, and while the dude's been getting a good rep in the manga lately, this is the sequel, and things need to be bigger and better. So, behold the bigger and better:

Look at this sexy beast! So, to make him appear on this wiki, you need to right click and copy the image address, or click on the image and copy the url. If you do it right, it should look something like this:

Which, if you copy and paste it into anything here (if you don't believe me, try it in a comment), you'll end up with this:


Presto! You can do other tricks with it, like putting the center tags (<center></center>)


And stuff like that. Any questions? Just ask in the comments! Have fun with this before some Wikia update breaks this as well.

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