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Khaliszt Khaliszt 27 August 2012

Achievements and stuff

I've been to all this wikias everywhere and nowhere that have this medals and achievements system.. please, any admin of this wikia.. promise me that shit will never happen to this awesome wiki. Seriously, it fills it up of childish noobs with their stupdiness, and people doing hundreds of stupid edits just to get their achievements unlocked (what the hell for? are they going to sleep better for that?) It's useless. I trust in the fact that, as long as I know, every admin in this wiki is at least decently inteligent and more if it is enough to avoid that kind of stupidities.

Sorry for this nonsensly blog post, I just felt I had to share it.

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Khaliszt Khaliszt 20 August 2012

How Great Oda's stories are

My nephew recently came to my country for a little summer vacation time, he is three to four years old and he has been here for only three days. But in such a short period he has been able to remind me of One Piece and Eiichiro Oda's stories more than once. First day he arrived he was telling me (well, he can't talk fluently but he understands things and explains them pretty good) about a drawing he did while he was in the plane, of an enormous island all over the clouds he could see from the window, this reminded me, unquestionably, of Skypiea. On the second day, ergo, yesterday, he was eating a macedonia after launch, and he was playing to a sort of "this fruit makes me be this animal" which reminded me of Devil Fruits. Today I was playing w…

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