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Looks like Momo and Hiyori were born on Moby Dick way before Oden and Toki return to Wano and Izo becoming the 16th diversion commander. Not to mention a quick look on Teach as a young orphaned child before being recruited into the Whitebeard Pirates. What's worse is the big reveal: Orochi's grandfather, who was forced to commit seppuku after his plan to overthrow the Kozuki family is revealed to the public of Wano long ago before Oden was born. Also, that old lady, who ate the Mane Mane no Mi, helped Orochi to become the shogun by pretending to be Oden and Sukiyaki and had Orochi as the next successor of the shogun.

Also, on the brighter side, Roger and the pirates found out that the Whitebeard Pirates are coming to that very island they're on and lo and behold Roger is going to have the last meeting with Whitebeard prior to his infamous/famous execution and his revealing of the legendary One Piece.

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