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Lias' Pawn Lias' Pawn 27 August 2014

Possible future story arcs

  • 1 Possible Future Story Arcs/Sagas
    • 1.1 Hello everybody, i am creating this blog to let people discuss future story arcs that they believe will occur or that they tink will occur. i also plsan to start things off with a story arc i believe will ocur soon....
  • 2 Royal Shichibukai/ Marines War
    • 2.1 It has been hinted recently that the marines are planning to break offf their alliances with the Seven Warlords, who currently include some of the most powerful pirates in the world. Dracule Mihawk, Buugy the Clown (I have no idea how the marines were stupid enough to give the job to Him!!!), Barthelmow Kuma, one oither unknow pirate, and Boa Hancock.
    • 2.2 Most likely the marines will attempt to not only capture and eli matae the current warloerds butt also el…
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Lias' Pawn Lias' Pawn 11 April 2014

BlackBeard Theory 2

Okay, I wanted to post this in the original theroy blog but I can not.

Alright.... since blacbeard was able to gain the powers of two Devil fruits it seems likely that he can not actually have to Devil Fruits in his body.Else his body would expoled. Yet, it has been comformed in the canon that Blackbeard's Yami Yami no Mi is unique amonst the logia types. instead of turning the user into the element to protect him, he instead  absorbs the attacks he is hit with, and he was able to absorb an entire town into his darkness and attack Ace with it's remains. So, it is quite possible that he casn only use the abilities of WhiteBeard's Gura Gura no Mi but does not actually posses said fruit and that the Gura Gura no Mi is still in circulation. Thu…

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