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    Luffy and his belly

    October 21, 2012 by LuffyPirateKing

    Yea, it's been a long time since I made a blog, so I decided to go ahead and do it after I saw the recent blog about Kuma can't make bubbles, which I thought it said 'Kuma can't make babies'..Yeah, babies..

    Anyway, this theory was in my mind from the moment I watched Blackbeard having two Devil Fruits.. And I wondered if Luffy with the help of Gomu Gomu could do that, you know, store one or more Devil Fruits inside him.

    To be more powerfull maybe Oda could actually have to go down that road and make him surpass characters like Teach. Cause I think Luffy CAN'T take down Blackbeard as it is right now. Well it's only rumors but when I imagine Teach stealing all these Devil Fruits, he can't be weak, I bet he has like three Devil Fruits himself.. …

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  • LuffyPirateKing

    Bored as hell.. I have 1 hour free time. So I thought I should do my first fight prediction. If it sucks feel free to say so..

    I also give you songs to listen when the scene is there.. It'll make it better.. Trust me.......

    -In a mysterious island in the New World. SONG

    Pirate1: Dammit captain. What the hell are you doing... Get down from that tree.. We have to go!!!

    Apoo: ~ ~ ~Relax, relax~ ~ ~. We are alone here. There's no one here, we killed them all.. Yeah~~

    Pirate1: Pftt.. Fine, but we dont have much strenght to keep up. We have to rest at least.

    .(coming down from that tree)

    Template says: 'Scratchmen Apoo - 390.000.000' 'He wears a yellow outfit instead of the previous pink one'.

    Apoo: I'm stronger ~~as ever~~. Don't be scared. (coughs bloo…

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    Makin' a blog

    March 26, 2012 by LuffyPirateKing

    Is this cool or what?

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    The Modern Age

    January 23, 2012 by LuffyPirateKing

    Today im gonna talk about wasted opportunities...

    Three really really powerfull characters that are being wasted:

    • Enel is really far away.
    • Magellan inside the prison.
    • And Wiper doin nothing in Skypiea.

    Enel and Wiper would go really far in the Grand Line if they were pirates. Really.

    Enel of course could easily become a Yonko if you ask me. His Devil Fruit its just a beast. Only Luffy and amazing haki can defeat this guy. Early Grand Line would be a piece of cake for him. Dont know about New World, but still. He would have more chances than the Supernovas. His personality and the way he sees things is awfull but nevermind. Just imagine him in the sea. Do you want to see him down there or do you think we will really get to see him??

    Wiper was a beast, …

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