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I'm completely sure every single one of you has whished in some way to be pirate from one piece even tough it's not possible in real life to have that powers well if you could be a pirate here's what everyone in here should do:

let's imagine everyone in this wikia is a pirate and the wikia is a ship and the admin is the captain what would be your apearence, abilities, personality, etc...

so post a coment with:

  • name:
  • profession:
  • bounty:
  • apearence:
  • personality
  • devilfruit:
  • weapons:
  • others(like fighthing style, pets, superhuman ability,etc...):
  • runing gag:
  • laugh:
  • dream:

you can name attacks and other abilities if you want post a description of it also but post it in a reply to the original coment

im gona post mine as soon a i can

have fun creating if you want to

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