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  • Montblanc Noland

    Hey everybody! I made a survey about what websites and translations you prefer/use most often. Here is the link [1]. I also posted this on r/OnePiece and r/OnePieceTC, so spread it elsewhere if you can. I want to find out data about how we can reach the most new editors! Thanks! - Noland

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  • Montblanc Noland

    Hello all who care to read. As many of you know, the wiki is going through a number of changes (Admin polls, policy changes, etc). One such change is the complete rebuild of the wiki's teams.

    ...which is why I'm writing to you all today. I am the leader of the stub team and have been for some time now. However, we have never had an effectual, cooperative team. I've done quite a bit of destubbing work myself, but I (and Besty17) can't do it alone. I have pretty much no set standard for who I want to join. You can be a poor writer or almost no time to work, but it doesn't matter. I am willing to work with anyone who is willing.

    Obviously, you probably have some questions, so let me begin.

    A fantastic, very reasonable question. Our wiki, like al…

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  • Montblanc Noland

    Demon of the East

    February 22, 2015 by Montblanc Noland

    He fell to the boat’s deck. This man, known all through east as one of the strongest and most feared criminals, was close to succumbing to a sharp, agonizing death caused by starvation. He heard shouts surrounding him, getting close, the noise distorted by his malnourished senses to the point of a blurred hum. The noise grabbed him, lifted him off his feet. The criminal had been weaponless, but, even if he had his tonfa, he lacked the energy to fight back.

     The noise that had lifted him carried him out of his small boat and moved him to a battleship. It wasn’t huge, but it was definitely larger than the little dingy he was drifting in. The noise raised him up. He would’ve identified who had been making the racket, who grabbed him and lifted…

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  • Montblanc Noland

    Kaizoku Musou 3

    January 31, 2015 by Montblanc Noland

    Hey everybody! Like some of you, I am a big fan of One Piece's video games. I follow a lot of the latest news, even if I don't buy most of the games (I skipped Romance Dawn, Pirate Warriors 2, and Super Grand Battle X). But the new upcoming installment to the Warriors series looks promising.

    To remind you all, the 1st game had a roster of the Straw Hats and a few allies (Ace, Jinbe, etc.). I was disappointed, but the sequel added most of the Shichibukai, the Admirals, and some other interesting characters like Garp and Perona. While that looked better, I had a massive game backlog at the time (which I still have now) and didn't see a purpose in buying it.

    That's where we get to the new game. Not only has it properly added all of the missing …

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  • Montblanc Noland

    Good evening everyone. Or morning, if you live in a different timezone. I'm here for some good discussion. The topic: what will happen with everyone's favorites, Baby 5 and Buffalo, after the fall or flight of Doffy? I think they will join the Heart Pirates. They have a strong past and history. Baby 5 will join if Law asks her, and Buffalo might ask for his repayment for his sealed lips with a new crew. And there is a deep level of trust between them (cough cough, 'shared real names', cough). What do you all think? Please feel free to share other ideas of their fate! Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!

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