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Hello everyone! I wanted to share a major progress update to come out of my 2020 quarantine: I'm effectively done with Category:Real-World Articles.

After starting with One Piece Live Attraction at the end of April, I have worked through almost every show, event, and performance related to One Piece. (Note: I have to say "effectively" and "almost" about the status of this project because there are some pages I have chosen not to work on.)

For years, I had wanted to destub the characters from the Premier Shows, but I never had access to information for all of them. A couple years ago, Awaikage and Kaido helped me purchase the Premier Show 10th Anniversary Book, but between studying abroad and finishing college, I either was not physically with the book or didn't have enough free time to take on the project.

Then, COVID hit.

I was in the last semester of college, and I now had infinitely more time to do whatever I wanted. When I wasn't applying for jobs or sulking, I came here, to One Piece Wiki, where I've come for years to celebrate One Piece and (usually) unwind. I decided to finally tackle the Premier Shows, but instead of only doing them, I took on all of the franchise's real-world content. It took months of research, digging through Wayback Machine's internet archive, Japanese press releases, and social media. Folks who know me won't be surprised at how much time I sink into the pages I work on or the level of detail I put into them. To me, what happens in the real world, outside of the media of the franchise, has always been undervalued, understudied, and, because of the first two, unseen by most of the world.

I hope that with my work, fans everywhere can learn about the pirate captain brothers who almost killed the kings of Levely, the Chinese play that will likely never be seen, and the time that Arlong and Spandam teamed up to exact revenge on the Straw Hat Pirates. Now that Tokyo One Piece Tower is closed and the website has been taken down, I want fans to be able to experience and appreciate the attraction I so sorely wanted to visit now that we cannot. This is why I do what I do. I want to share as much of One Piece as I can with everyone because it makes us all happier.

Below are the list of pages I created, destubbed, or expanded as part of this project. (No, I'm not adding a scroll box. This list deserves full attention.)

The numbers are: 49 character pages, 16 stage shows/animation pages, 13 Devil Fruit pages, 11 location pages, 5 crew/group pages, 2 theme park pages, 2 event pages, 1 project page, and 1 television show page. That's 100 pages in total.

Thank you to Kage, Kaido, Nightmare Pirates, Rubber Lotus, and Ruuku-kun for your contributions to this effort. I couldn't have done it without your help, interest, and kindness. :)

If you're wondering, what will Noland do now?, I've got an answer: video games! Many of my fellow editors have already helped me with this venture, and it is now the largest gap in our wiki's content with real-world articles basically finished. However, I feel like they're a much larger undertaking, and now that I work fulltime, which already slowed this real-life project down, I won't finish games anytime soon. Either way, if there is a silver lining to me world changing so drastically over the past six months, it is what I've done and will continue to do on One Piece Wiki.

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