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    It sucked, don't watch it.

    Okay, let me explain. It's a okay story (Gang has to go find treasure) and I admit, it's connection to One Piece Gold is cool, but it's flaws outweigh its good. First, the bad guy is just a treasure fetish chain gang guy, with nothing beyond that. The humor is very boring with barely any good laughs. The animation quality is hit and miss, some is movie good, some makes the Dressrosa arc call a friend. The fights ass well, are very boring. The twists can be seen at any time.

    But most of all... Fuck Olga. Yeah, fuck her. Fuck everything about her. In my opinion, and I don't joke... She is my most hated One Piece character. That's right, in a franchise spanning over 800 chapters and episodes, and several movies along …

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  • Nobody700

    Cover Story: Everyone in Dressrosa reads the new bounties

    Page 1:

    Nami: YOU DAMN IDIOT! You could have gotten us killed!

    Luffy: But I didn't.

    Pedro: He's... Insane...

    Pekoms: His brain must be made of rubber.

    Ussop: That makes too much sense.

    Pekoms: God, I think I joined the wrong group to help...

    Page 2:

    Pedro: Yes... I agree brother.

    Nami: Brother?!

    Brook: You look nothing alike!

    Pekoms: We minks are heavily different due to genes. Our parents are Completly different looking, being a panther and a tiger. Due to low population, not many minks have similar species as parents. Or siblings.

    Pedro: Besides, we're very different. Pekoms is an idiot.

    Pekoms: And my brother is a liar.

    Pedro: TAKE THAT BACK!

    Pekoms: NEVER!

    Nami: Okay, we need to know who we're d…

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  • Nobody700

    I haven't done a review in a while, so strap on people, it's time to party like it's 121!

    The cover is actually one of my favorites, sparking an old Japanese art looking style, which makes sense cause Wano is coming in soon. Now, did Oda draw that? Or a friend?

    Well, Jack and the douche patrol attack a defenseless elephant for it's ivory or to kill a lot of people, I forgot, I'm too busy wondering why Luffy's and Momo's head aren't exploding when a giant elephant is screaming at them. Oh yeah! Mono can hear the voices. Great, now he's going to have to explain how animals are telling him to kill. So, Jack and his crew say ZUNISHA is a half dead relic, which is kind of mean, And racist to half dead relics.

    ZUNISHA reveals he used to be a drug d…

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  • Nobody700

    Chapter 820 Prediction

    March 12, 2016 by Nobody700

    Man, haven't done this for over 15 chapters.

    Cover Story: Hercules on top of an animal, reading the new bounty

    Page 1:

    Luffy: So Sanji is in trouble with Big Mom, and Kaido is making trouble in Wano... Should I be messing with two Yonkous at the same time? Even I know thatMs a bad thing... So I'll just beat up Big Mom, and then after that, beat up Kaido!


    Luffy: Yeah, but one at a time, instead of two.

    Ussop: Damn it Luffy, that's barely any different from fighting both of them!

    Page 2:

    Luffy: Hey, what's going on?

    Jack: DAMN IT! I WANT ZOU DEAD IN MINUTES! When shall it die?

    Jack Pirate: At this rate, I believe in about an hour.

    Jack: Hmm... What if I tried to kill it myself personally?

    Jack Pirat…

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  • Nobody700

    Chapter 803 Prediction

    October 11, 2015 by Nobody700

    Cover Story: Bartolomeo pirates cry over leaving the Strawhats.

    Page 1:

    <A large figure is falling, and screaming.>

    Kine'mon: That fat ass...

    Kanjuro: That girly scream...

    Kine'mon: That repugnant smell...

    Kanjuro: That lack of self respect...

    Both: RAIZO!

    Page 2:

    Raizo: I heard you guys came... So I ran...


    Raizo: I could have died?! SCARY! PROTECT ME!

    Law: This... Is the ninja?

    Kanjuro: Said to be the deadliest in Wano...

    Page 3:

    ???: I am the chief... Quint... You dare utter those sinful words?!

    Luffy: What are you guys talking about?


    Page 14:

    Luffy: What the...

    Quint: I'm like you... I ate the cursed fruit.. And now I control the ability to phase through attacks…

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