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  • OishiLover75

    I'm surprised this wiki did not start such an activity. You are the captain of your own pirate crew. There are certain things you must mention 1. What is your Devil Fruit power (if you have one) (Make up your own or choose existing one) (if you aren't a Devil Fruit user, say "non-Devil Fruit user")

    2. What role would you play on the crew besides captain?

    3. Pick 12 One Piece characters (six fighters and six supports) and form a crew that you believe could handle the New World and help you become Pirate King. (Specify fighters and supporters and what supporters help with)

    There is only one real restriction:

    1. You cannot have any Yonko (past or present) on your crew. Kaido, Big Mom, Blackbeard, Shanks and Whitebeard are off limits. (Film and…

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