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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 3 April 2013

Aokiji vs. Akainu, Part 8

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Above Punk Hazard, a fiery meteor is bearing down on the island. Aokiji is looking up at it, still encased in icy armor. Akainu, seeing him momentarily distracted, punches the ground. Cracks appear from his fist, and the ground cracks, revealing that it was only about a foot thick. Aokiji looks down as the ground around the him cracks and collapses into a lake of boiling lava below. Akainu standing on the edge, turns away as the meteor is seconds from impact. Aokiji freezes the lake of lava and stands on it, but the meteor is right above him.

Aokiji: Can I freeze it in time...no, can’t risk it.

Aokiji raises both his hands towards the meteor. Ice plates a foot thick each begin to rapidly form and stac…

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 2 April 2013

Aokiji vs. Akainu, Part 7

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Aokiji narrows his eyes as he looks at Akainu. The dawn is breaking on the now-battered Punk Hazard, pockmarked with craters and covered in some areas with patches of ice or smoldering magma. Aokiji crouches, sensing an attack incoming. As he does so, his skin begins to turn blue, and a layer of ice begins to coat his body, hardening into plated ice armor. Akainu, meanwhile, holds out his left arm. His tattoo, consisting of various swirls and flowers, begins to glow red. From each one of the swirls, a tendril of liquid lava rises into the air and grows into a red-hot dog’s head. Akainu holds out his palm.

Akainu: Inugami Guren; Wolf Pack!!

The various dog heads shoot towards Aokiji. Aokiji forms razor-sharp…

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 11 March 2013

Aokiji vs. Akainu, Part 4

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Akainu glances at the moon directly overhead. Streams of smoke drift by from various burning objects on the island. Akainu looks around, and sees behind him a number of now-flaming buildings.

Akainu: Forgot about the base that used to be here….chemical weapons was it?

Akainu turns back towards the other part of the island. No smoke is rising from that side.

Akainu: He’s over there, eh? That’s where the weapons plant was….

On Aokiji’s side of the island, he wanders over to a ruined building with PH-003 written in large letters on the side. Wrenching aside a massive iron door, he walks into the building.

Aokiji: Not a whole lot left, I guess….let’s try the basement.

Aokiji walks down several flights of stairs. In front of him, the…

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 11 February 2013

Aokiji vs. Akainu, Part 3

Day 1 Day 2

Aokiji walks across the island. Looking back, he sees some flames here and there on the island from their earlier clashes. He stops and turns to look back at the part of the island he had just walked away from.

Aokiji: Has that idiot cooled his head yet?

Aokiji closes his eyes and activates his Kenbushoku Haki. After a couple seconds he opens his eyes again.

Aokiji: So that’s where he is….why isn’t he moving? Is he planning something? Ice Walk!!

Aokiji turns to ice and shoots straight up into the air, leaving a tower of ice below him. At a certain height, Aokiji separates himself from the tower of ice, then creates a trail of ice leading from the tip of the tower across the sky. He begins to skate across it, heading towards Akainu’s…

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 18 October 2012

Vice Admirals vs. The World

I don't know about any of you, but I have always have a pretty low opinion of the Vice Admirals. None of them really showed off their power, and after Ronse and Lacroix got owned at Marineford, I assumed that all of them (minus Garp, of course) were a few significant levels below the admirals. But the Punk Hazard Arc and the revelation that all Vice Admirals have haki made me reconsider.

Let's look at Vergo first. He was able to match Sanji on equal terms, even breaking his leg, and was able to take hits from Sanji (in Diable Jambe), Smoker, and Law without showing any real damage. The fact that Doflamingo trusts him to be able to take out Law whenever he wants is impressive as well (I also think that Doflamingo holds him over Caesar, which…

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