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Alright, so we had a pretty good chapter, but that topic has been worn down to the bone, so I will skip directly to the interesting stuff: Wano Country.

Alright, so first off, let's connect some dots: Wano Country has a closed-door policy, has extremely powerful samurai, and is the home of Ryuma. Next, we find out that samurai are for some reason on Punk Hazard killing pirates (wtf are pirates doing there). Well, I have a few thoughts.

1) Didn't Ace state that he learned how to make Oars' hat from the Wano people? What is this "closed-door" policy then? Is it some new thing? My first thought was that the island was under Whitebeard's control, but it doesn't sound like they would want or need it.

2) I find it incredibly coincidental that there are samurai and a dragon on the same island, especially after Ryuma got famous for wiping the floor with one of these. Does anyone else think that there are a few samurai who want to be seen as equal to Ryuma, and have gone to go kill this dragon for fame and recognition? Or is this some kind of thing where the dragon is the mortal enemy of their people?

3) I have been hearing a lot of parallels drawn between the New World and the beginning of the Grand Line. I personally think that Zoro is gonna end up pulling some kind of thing like he did at Whiskey Peak, and fight a bunch of samurai to prove his strength before taking out the dragon. Or maybe Luffy will fight the samurai, and Zoro will fight the dragon. To complicate things, Smoker is on his way, and to be honest, Luffy is probably the only one who can counter him at the moment. So what is gonna happen here?

So, yeah, good chapter. I like the name "Punk Hazard" though I have gotten tired of typing it today. Look forward to the New World.

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