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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 27 June 2012

BW: Death in One Piece

Death. No matter how you look at it, death is one of the major themes of One Piece. But aside from using it as a way to pick off annoying or unnecessary characters, Oda uses death as a major plot device and symbol to aid the story.

The first use of death in the One Piece storyline is to mark major turning points in the plot or to begin new stages of the story. The first example of this was the death of Gol D. Roger, which kicked off the story in the first place and began the Great Age of Pirates. The deaths of Whitebeard and Ace ended the old Great Age of Pirates, which had been ruled by remnants of Roger's generation, and began the New Great Age of Pirates, which is being revolutionized by the Worst Generation, including the Eleven Superno…

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 11 June 2012

BW: The World Government

Warning: This blog is long. If you don't want to read it then get out now.

Alright, so today's subject is the lovely World Government. Everybody knows about them right? Those corrupt bastards who put a bounty on Robin and are the reason for all evil in the world. Well, after thinking about it, I came up with a few thoughts and I would like to hear your opinion on some of them. I got some of these ideas from two very good books, 1984 by George Orwell (I actually only read like half) and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

First, a little background. The World Government is an organization of around 170 nations from around the world that was formed when twenty nations bound together and defeated the Ancient Kingdom. These 170 nations are from all …

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 6 June 2012

BW: Kid vs. Law Prediction

On an island in the New World, a coated figure steps off his ship onto the island. He looks up and sees a massive factory with smokestacks belching black smoke into the sky. Massive piles of scrap metal, including guns, cannons, swords, and even battleship pieces, are lying everywhere.

????: What an ugly place.....

In the factory, a red-haired figure sits on a throne of scrap metal. Surrounding him are his crew members. Suddenly, one of the crew members bursts in through the factory door and runs up to the red-haired figure.

Subordinate: Captain Kid! Someone has just landed on the island's northern shore.

Kid: Another World Government bastard trying to take back the island? Let him come! Hahahahah!!!!

Subordinate: No sir, it's actually........


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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 8 March 2012

Law Conspiracies

Let's get straight to the point: right now we have 1) A new Shichibukai, 2) A handful of disembodied body parts, and 3) A weird group of animal-people headed by a blob of gas. And centaurs. If we connect the dots, we can infer that the legs, torso, and head are the same samurai, and that it was taken apart by Law. We also know that the gas-boss has something against Vegapunk, who was developing chemical weapons. Finally, the gas does NOT know that Law is on the island, as taken from this quote: "No one should even be here..." (at least that's what I interpreted). My theories are as follows. Keep in mind they are rough drafts.

1. Vegapunk's chemical weapon experiments either turned a human into the gas or made a sentient gas.

2. Vegapunk's ex…

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 2 February 2012

Wano Country

Alright, so we had a pretty good chapter, but that topic has been worn down to the bone, so I will skip directly to the interesting stuff: Wano Country.

Alright, so first off, let's connect some dots: Wano Country has a closed-door policy, has extremely powerful samurai, and is the home of Ryuma. Next, we find out that samurai are for some reason on Punk Hazard killing pirates (wtf are pirates doing there). Well, I have a few thoughts.

1) Didn't Ace state that he learned how to make Oars' hat from the Wano people? What is this "closed-door" policy then? Is it some new thing? My first thought was that the island was under Whitebeard's control, but it doesn't sound like they would want or need it.

2) I find it incredibly coincidental that there…

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