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  • Pacifista15

    Island Whales

    January 25, 2012 by Pacifista15

    Ok, to start, this chapter was pretty lame. Seriously, they just need to get on with it. But enough about that....

    What I saw in this chapter the New World....does anyone remember this:

    "Island whales come from the West Blue."

    Ok, I guess they can live in two places at once.....but hold on: wasn't it dangerous for Laboon to sail through the Grand Line? Then why are there these huge packs of whales in the New World, where there are undoubtedly babies, in the most dangerous ocean in the world? Bit odd to me.....

    Anyways, this chapter disappointed me extremely. Two filler chapters in a row is a bit much to handle.

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  • Pacifista15


    January 13, 2012 by Pacifista15

    Ok, one last scientific blog, then I am done.....

    So, yeah, about Kizaru, and his Devil Fruit, the famous Pika Pika no Mi. According to its page, this fruit allows the user to transform into, control, and create light. As we have seen with Kizaru, this means shooting lasers, light speed movement, and swords made of light.

    First of all, what is light? From my very basic, no-physics-class-ever knowledge, light is energy given off by chemical reactions in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The energy is absorbed in "packets" called photons. Now my question is this: are photons matter? I don't think they are, because they can still travel through a vacuum, and then what happens to the container once light is absorbed by a plant through photo…

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  • Pacifista15

    Enter New World

    January 12, 2012 by Pacifista15

    Alright, Chapter 652 is awesome, and sunglasses seem to be all the rage in the New World.

    So, as we know, Smoker and Tashigi are busy kicking pirate ass that pops up from the bottom of the sea. In addition, Tamago and Pekoms are on their way out of Fishman Island. The question is, will these two forces meet each other, and what will happen?

    The way I see it, a few things could go down. Here we go:

    1) Smoker will be gone by the time they pop up.

    2) Tamago and Pekoms will miss them somehow.

    3) The Marines will not want to start something with a Yonko, so they will let them pass.

    4) Same situation as above, only G-5 and Smoker, not following orders, decide to try their luck and take them on, making a three way war (Smoker vs. Luffy vs. Big Mom). Th…

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  • Pacifista15

    Changing Gears: Part 2

    January 2, 2012 by Pacifista15

    Ok, so now we move on to my thoughts on Gear Third.....

    Alright, a brief explanation. Luffy bites into his thumb, and blows as hard as he can into the bone of his thumb, inflating it. Since the bones are harder, the effect is similar to an inflated car tire, and is very dense and therefore powerful. To move Gear Third throughout his body, he transfers it to his chest and then to a different part of his body.

    Ok, so a few things need to be considered here. Human bones, unlike birds, are not hollow. They do have small pores, similar to a honeycomb, but they are pretty damn small. This seems a bit odd to me that Luffy can inflate something so small like this. The only reason that the Gomu Gomu no Fuusen works is because his lungs are naturally …

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  • Pacifista15

    Changing Gears

    January 1, 2012 by Pacifista15

    Warning: This will be a somewhat complicated blog. Those who don't like long explanations may want to leave.

    Ok, so I have been doing a little thinking, specifically about Luffy's Gears and how they work. Here goes......

    Alright, as we all seem to know, Gear Second involves using Luffy's legs as a blood pump to circulate oxygen more quickly, allowing greater use of energy within the muscles (Hence, more strength, as the muscles can expend more energy).

    The downside of this wonderful ability is that it uses up the energy sources much faster. Through cellular respiration, food molecules are converted into energetic molecules through a complicated process. However, it requires lots of oxygen, and food. When Luffy uses Gear Second, he burns throu…

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