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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 2 January 2012

Changing Gears: Part 2

Ok, so now we move on to my thoughts on Gear Third.....

Alright, a brief explanation. Luffy bites into his thumb, and blows as hard as he can into the bone of his thumb, inflating it. Since the bones are harder, the effect is similar to an inflated car tire, and is very dense and therefore powerful. To move Gear Third throughout his body, he transfers it to his chest and then to a different part of his body.

Ok, so a few things need to be considered here. Human bones, unlike birds, are not hollow. They do have small pores, similar to a honeycomb, but they are pretty damn small. This seems a bit odd to me that Luffy can inflate something so small like this. The only reason that the Gomu Gomu no Fuusen works is because his lungs are naturally …

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 1 January 2012

Changing Gears

Warning: This will be a somewhat complicated blog. Those who don't like long explanations may want to leave.

Ok, so I have been doing a little thinking, specifically about Luffy's Gears and how they work. Here goes......

Alright, as we all seem to know, Gear Second involves using Luffy's legs as a blood pump to circulate oxygen more quickly, allowing greater use of energy within the muscles (Hence, more strength, as the muscles can expend more energy).

The downside of this wonderful ability is that it uses up the energy sources much faster. Through cellular respiration, food molecules are converted into energetic molecules through a complicated process. However, it requires lots of oxygen, and food. When Luffy uses Gear Second, he burns throu…

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 26 December 2011

What is Big Mam?

Ok, I think this title is pretty straightforward......what exactly is Big Mam? She seems too big to be giant humna like Whitebeard, so is she a straight up giant?

Another thing: What is this tea party? Is it basically the day when Big Mam gets Fishman Island's candy and eats it? Or is she meeting someone else? The way they talk makes me suspect something else.....

So yeah, Luffy is going to war with Big Mam.....a damn Yonko. How do you think this will gonna go down? I personally think he will lose, or their battle will be put off. Seriously, a Yonko?

Fishman Island is now Luffy's!! Luffy=Whitebeard

What is Kid up to? Did they just get in his way? Or is he trying to outmatch Drake, who irritated a Yonko? And how come Big Mam isn't destroying Ki…

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 14 December 2011


I'm so excited I can't think straight.

1) There is another ancient weapon.

2) Akainu is the new FLEET ADMIRAL.

3) Aokiji left the Marines.


Okay, I am so psyched I can hardly wait for the New World now. All that's left is to take out Caribou and we are gone right?

By the way, Big Mam is closing in.


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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 23 November 2011

Seriously, Luffy?


OK, so in the most recent chapter, Luffy tried to take out Noah and kinda failed, so Shirahoshi had to block it. Luffy then proceeded to pass out from his wounds.

Hold on a damn second.

Wounds? It was ONE BITE. I don't know how well you guys remember Arlong, but Luffy took multiple jaw bites and nose attacks from the fishman and was still up and going, even after the battle. One hit is a serious wound? What happened over the timeskip?

Anyways, the point is that I have been super disappointed with Luffy. He just hasn't shown off the same level of growth as the other Straw Hats. Haki is cool and all, but its really not that great unless you happen to be taking on a logia. Luffy has controlled his gears, but this …

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