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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 16 November 2011


Alright I am sure we all saw Franky's new attack. I was less surprised by the attack then the resemblance to the Pacifista laser beam. Do you think they are the same? Or was it simply a concept Vegapunk came up with?

Anyways, this raises some qquestions, at least for me. Firstly, does Franky have any other Pacifista features?

And is he better or worse than a pacifista?

I personally think he will be better because he will add his touch to Vegapunk's childhood designs and become awesome. He already has for all we know. Plus I would like to know what the new pacifistas look like.

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 1 November 2011

Roger's Escape

Ok, we all know very well that Roger would not run from any opponent, right? This behavior is discussed by Garp and displayed by Roger's son Ace, when he refuses to back down against Bluejam and any other opponent he fights.

But at the Battle of Edd War, it was stated that a storm sank half of Shiki's fleet and Roger ESCAPED.

Hold on a minute.

This seems to contradict Roger's behavior. If he never ran, how come he escaped from Shiki? Sengoku and Garp even stated that Roger would be able to defeat Shiki, so why didn't he just finish him off then and there before moving on, as his behavior and strength would suggest? This may seem like a stupid question, but it has been bugging me for a long time.

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 12 October 2011

Cursed Cliffhangers

Ok, in the last chapter, Fukaboshi makes a big deal about knowing Hody's "true form." And we still don't know. They are just gonna leave us hanging another week, maybe longer. Not to mention none of the Straw Hats seem to able to finish their 1v1 fights, which I think should should be over with by now.

..............ok, Chopper's new (modified) form looks pretty badass, plus Zoro is destroying Hyouzu. But still, frustration.

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 9 October 2011


Ok, I have a few things that I think could be sorted out, or maybe a little speculation.

1. Can Luffy use Gomu Gomu no Gigant Gatling/Storm?

I was wondering this because the gatling is a speed technique, so would he be able to use it post-timeskip with his better control over Gear Third?

2. Can Luffy use Gear Second on his legs and Gear Third on his arm, making him really fast and have great power?

We have seen Luffy using both Gears simultaneously (I am pretty sure the Gomu Gomu no Shell was the move), so could he do this, especially with his new Gear control.

3. Does/Will Sanji have rankyaku?

He has already used one CP9 technique, maybe there is more to come, especially considering rankyaku is leg-based. Hell, he might even learn Soru while he…

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Pacifista15 Pacifista15 6 September 2011

Luffy vs. Blackbeard Part 2

Blackbeard: Zehahahahahaha!!! Not even the famous Strawhat can face off against my Gura Gura no Mi and Yami Yami no Mi!!!

(Luffy, lying down on the ground, looks at his Straw Hat lying a few feet away and remembers his promise to Shanks. He flashbacks to his promise with Rayleigh, and finally arrives at his crew who worked so hard to get him here. He slowly stands up, much to Blackbeard's surprise)

Luffy: I made a promise....(Puts hat on)

Blackbeard: Zehahahahaha!!!! Die, Strawhat!!!

(A column of darkness forms from Blackbeard's back and rises into the sky. Blackbeard raises his hand in the sky, palm-up, and a massive swirling ball of darkness forms in the palm of his hand, much like Ace's Dai Enkai: Entei.)

Luffy: Gear Second......

Blackbeard: …

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