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Cover Page: I'm fond of the random shots we've been getting recently. Plus I imagine the epicness of baseball being played with those three is quite awesome. Also I do hope everybody got the Ace Pitcher  joke. 

Plot: Yeah I don't really know what to say for that one. Let's just discuss it chronologically. So, the thing falling towards them sadly isn't poop, but turns out to be... Something? I guess. My best guess is that it'll be a sword/knifewielding monkey. More on that later. Anywho the monkey knocks off  Kinemon and Kanjuro so that they can have their own separate entrance into Zou later I guess, probably with some important plot information. 

Moving on, the SHs reach the top and tearfully bid the painted dragon goodbye, (Even you Robin. I thought you were better than this) to move on and explore the island which is empty and is showing signs of conflict? Interesting. As for the overall exploration part of the chapter, there isn't much to say plotwise. Town is empty, a bit destroyed, I'm not sure the Curly-Brow pirates weren't involved somehow. Main thing that happened this chapter is obviously the introduction of the Furries.

I mean the Mink people. D'uh. So that monkey is called Bariete and the Minks apparently view humans as "lesser minks". Interesting. Anywho the SHs get attacked by a really fast Mink, only for her to be called off by a Mink wearing Nami's bra?

The fuck? It obviously isn't Nami, not even if some DF-user turned her into a anthro dog? I'm not sure what animal that is. So why is that Mink wearing Nami's underwear? I guess we'll find out.

I gotta say, Zou is shaping up to be weird. In some aspects it reminds me of Skypiea a bit (sky island, unique race etc), we'll see how that comparison holds up.

Conclusions: Nothing special happened. Couple of interesting parts. Furry nami. 6/10

 Fanta Talk  11:32, October 22, 2015 (UTC)

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