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Piece enrik

  • I live in Catalunya-Catalonia
  • I was born on June 14
  • My occupation is Estudiant-Student
  • I am Home-Male
  • Piece enrik

    Hi amics! (no, not "amigos"

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  • Piece enrik

    For those people who don’t even know what Catalan is (specially Canadians, I don’t know why >.>) it means “3 years with the Squirrel”. Yeah, 3 years since I made my first edition in Wikia :3

    Instead of thanking all the users here like I did last year, and since this is the OP wiki, I’d like to give my opinion as a *coughstillSpanishcough* (looks at Panda ¬¬) editor about this current arc, an arc made after the 11th September demonstration. Coincidence? Of course it is, but dreaming is free T_T

    So, welcome to Dressrosa, the country of love and passion, with birds singing and living toys. First we arrive in Acacia, a town with Gaudí's architecture where flamenco dancers kill their lovers after eating gazpacho and paella (notice it’s from the V…

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  • Piece enrik

    2 years with Piece

    April 7, 2012 by Piece enrik

    Hi everyone, this is my second blog. Today is my wiki joining day second anniversary :3 I...

    • THT: Piece talked O.O
    • Serena: Indeed
    • X: *pokes squirrel*
    • Piece: u.u'

    As I was saying, I joined Wikia 2 years ago, I don't remember many things of that times, but I used to come to this wiki before I join. Finally, I decided to join. 2 days after, I created my first and only article I have done here. On 12th of October in that year, I joined the Catalan One Piece Wiki, so I began to have a little more experience in wikis.

    Many things have happened and I have met many people. I want to use this blog to thank some users:

    • Rici: for being one of the people I have spoken most, for giving me support with the Catalan wiki and for being a good friend.
    • MJ: for being…
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  • Piece enrik

    Hi everyone! It's my first blog, so I'm sorry if something is wrong. I think i haven't enough imagination to make a prediction, so it's just an off topic question like the other blogs asking the users' knowleadge of their countries. I know Catalonia isn't a country yet, but just for know it. I don't mind if something is wrong or insultating.

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