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  • Red Eyed Raven

    great stub challenge

    January 29, 2014 by Red Eyed Raven

    Hey, I know this idea may seem a little moronic, but I want to try it anyway because I think even if a few users participate it will do the wiki some good, so please listen (or read in this case) up.

    This wiki has been around for a while and it has tons of great users who are dedicated to adding all sorts of information about the series, which has resulted in lots of great pages, about all sorts of things, being created. However, one of the areas I've noticed this wiki could improve upon are chapter stubs. Currently out of the 735 One Piece chapters, we have pages for all of them but a little over 20% (1 in 5 for those who aren't so good at math) of them are stubs (if you don't know what stubs are, they're incomplete pages).

    Obviously we nee…

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  • Red Eyed Raven

    dynamic duos

    November 19, 2013 by Red Eyed Raven

    In One Piece we have seen a lot of action, adventures, comedy and plot twists, but perhaps what I like most of all about One Piece is its wide variety of characters. Through the years, Oda has introduced us to a number of people, some are serious, lazy, funny, stupid, smart, cowardly, courageous and what's more these people are almost always connected to another character in some way. Maybe they have an enemy, a rival, a friend, a lover, a sibling or a co-worker/person with whom they're in an alliance with. So the reason I made this blog is because I wanted to ask you guys; "What are your favourite duos?" and "which characters would you like to see share some form of connection?"

    Personally I like the rivalry of Zoro and Sanji, the friendsh…

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  • Red Eyed Raven

    getting the D

    October 14, 2013 by Red Eyed Raven

    hey i created this blog because i wanted to get your opinions about the D, it seems so mysterious while in reality since its just an initial anyone can have it. I mean saul said that everyone in his family has it, so couldnt his family's "D" be a family name, like Donald, that's traditionally handed down, making it different than say the Monkey family's D. and question if no one remembers what the hell it stands for, not even the people who have it, does that mean that it has lost all meaning? How do we even know that people who have the D didnt just change their name to include it,or just told people they have the D because they wanted to trick people into thinking they have this rumoured Will of D?

    also i have a few polls for you, because…

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  • Red Eyed Raven


    September 27, 2013 by Red Eyed Raven

    Hey guys i created this blog cause I wanted to know if Oda decided to create three spin-offs of One Piece, a prequel, a midquel and a sequel what would you guys want them to focus on?

    Anyway if there was going to be a prequel about One Piece i would want it to be about Roger and what happened during his quest to be the first person to ever reach Raftel.

    If there was going to be a sequel I would want it to be set long enough after the original series that the main characters wouldn't be direct descendants of the original series' characters or like their fanboys or something, i would just want it to be about the future pirates of the world that are just trying to surf the waters of the Blue Seas and the grand line.

    As for the midquel that's kin…

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  • Red Eyed Raven

    you are a farmer in some run down little town on an island in the middle of no where, you have no family or friends. you hate your life, the island and the town and you have always dreamed of getting off your island and doing something more with your life.

    then one day akainu who has gotten drunk after hearing he was put up for a promotion to fleet admiral accidentally orders a buster call to destroy your island. the marines are swift and merciless and destroy everything and everyone except you. when akainu finds out there was a survivor he panics at the chance that word of what he did might get out and his chances at a promotion will go up in smoke, so he has to make no word gets out. but since he isnt a complete asshole he does not decide…

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