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Okay first of all I could care less about Yamato's gender. Male, female, transgender, anythings fine as long as a decision is made. I just want at least an answer about the devil fruit removal under abilities. But since no admin has bother respond. In fact since this person responded first to a latter question I gave to something else, I feel compelled to say this. After the whole majority vote thing the first time around, an admin got a community central staff member to covertly overturn the decision. Community Central wouldn't care about this unless someone brought it to their attention. But who would go so far as to do such a thing? Well, maybe the person who the staff member already gave her contact info to?

Look, again I could care less. Most of the above is just to get your attention sempai. But you guys right now are just stalling on a decision where a consensus has already been made. This is dragging on because you guys want to drag it on long enough so that new info will come to benefit your argument. That may very be the case, but edit locking the page for this long is starting to get frustrating to people who want to edit on matters not relating to gender. Especially since you guys are being slow on responses there, but fast elsewhere.

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