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A proposed new organizational system for each character's video-game appearances, done in chronological (publication) order with degree of appearance (playable, semi-playable, cameo, etc.) color-coded. Doing Luffy first because he's obviously been in the most games - everyone else's chart will basically just be his with stuff taken out here and there.

Game Role
Become the Pirate King! Playable
Grand Battle! Playable
Birth of Luffy's Dream Pirate Crew! Playable
Set Sail Pirate Crew! Support
Legend of the Rainbow Island Playable
Treasure Wars Playable
Grand Battle! 2 Playable
Grand Line Dream Adventure Log Playable
Grand Battle! Swan Colosseum Playable
Treasure Battle! Playable
Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands Playable
Aim! The King of Belly Playable
Ocean's Dream! Playable
Chopper's Big Adventure Support
Grand Battle! 3 Playable
Going Baseball Playable
Round the Land Playable
Grand Battle! Rush! Playable
Dragon Dream! Playable
Jump Super Stars Playable
Treasure Wars 2: Welcome to Buggyland Playable
Fighting for One Piece Playable
One Piece (Game Boy Advance) Playable
Pirates Carnival Playable
Battle Stadium D.O.N Playable
Grand Adventure Playable
Jump Ultimate Stars Playable
Unlimited Adventure Playable
Gear Spirit Playable
Unlimited Cruise Playable
Gigant Battle Playable
Pirate Warriors Playable
Gigant Battle! 2: New World Playable
Romance Dawn: The Dawn of the Adventure Playable
Pirate Warriors 2 Playable
Unlimited World Red Playable
J-Stars Victory Vs Playable
Super Grand Battle! X Playable
Pirate Warriors 3 Playable
Burning Blood Playable
Great Pirate Colosseum Playable
Jump Force Playable
World Seeker Playable
Pirate Warriors 4 Playable
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