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Samium Samium 8 April 2017

Vinsmoke Judge (is anyone bothered by this?)

Oda said in an interview that Judge was based on Hitler,  and at one point we see him seated beneath the statue of a bird that is clearly based on the nazi eagle icon.

A villain based on Hitler...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

show some morals Oda really!    It's amazing how much WWII is taken less and less seriously in the 21st century

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Samium Samium 27 March 2017

10th anniversary of Enies Lobby arc. (Did anyone ever catch this)

"Nobody has ever let me wish for life"   or so says Robin.

Oh posh.

While we all sympathize for Robin deeply,  Is there anyone here who found this hard to swallow on the first read?

If you were to read/or watch this scene a second time, you will probably feel like an idiot for caving into this over-rated, over manipulative sequence.

Everybody seems to forget that Crocodile gave her a very warm welcome and opportunity to stay alive. Are we supposed to believe that in her eight years in Baroque works, that she did not make friends with her fellow members, and it's also pretty obvious was living in comfort and luxury (look at her clothes),Nobody betrayed her to the 'so-called' Law and she was vice president for christ sake. As Miss All Sunday, sh…

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Samium Samium 14 February 2017

Question - The Voice of Merry

Sorry that this is not relevant to the current chapters,

but I'm interested in all the readers thoughts on this

I've been re-reading the 400's chapters and I think I found my favourite way to argue that the Manga is better than the Anime.

When the Going Merry speaks at the end of Enies Lobby,  What kind of voice did you project onto it when you read those words

Who envisioned a solumn, diety-like, Morgan Freeman kind of voice? (or maybe Hiroyuki Sanada if you are Japanese)

or maybe the voice of an young adult, older brother  (like Sabo)

or did you hear the kind of light weight, choir-boy, sentimental voice that is depicted in the anime,

I use this to argue that the Manga is a better story medium, becuase the Merry is supposed to be a guardian ang…

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Samium Samium 7 February 2017

Oda's 2017 New Years resolutions .... I wish

1)   I will reveal Uranus.

2)   I will Introduce Luffy to his father, and give them an intelligent conversation.

3)   I will stop reusing the 'peacful kingdom under an evil tyrant'  story model (Dressrosa / Alabasta)

4)   I will stop dressing Nami like a playboy cover

5)   I will stop treating adult characters like children

6)   I will stop torturing children, when it is not necessary, to convey my point.

7)   I will marry Sabo and Koala

8)   I will reveal some of what happened to Robin during the two year gap.

9)   I will cut down on exposition

10)   I will take better care of myself.

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Samium Samium 7 January 2017

The One-Liner game

Somebody started this game in a Star Wars blog a few years ago.

Take one line from the show/manga and replace one word with the word 'pants'

ROBIN:  "Franky didn't you run out of cola pants?

BROOK:  My eyes pants nearly jumped out of my skull

LUFFY:  I still have my nakama  pants

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