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"Nobody has ever let me wish for life"   or so says Robin.

Oh posh.

While we all sympathize for Robin deeply,  Is there anyone here who found this hard to swallow on the first read?

If you were to read/or watch this scene a second time, you will probably feel like an idiot for caving into this over-rated, over manipulative sequence.

Everybody seems to forget that Crocodile gave her a very warm welcome and opportunity to stay alive. Are we supposed to believe that in her eight years in Baroque works, that she did not make friends with her fellow members, and it's also pretty obvious was living in comfort and luxury (look at her clothes),Nobody betrayed her to the 'so-called' Law and she was vice president for christ sake. As Miss All Sunday, she is so chillax and looks very much at home, whereas, when she joins the Straw hats she is stiff and wooden like a fish out of water.

But now as she stands like a belittled disney princess up in a tower at Enies Lobby (which is sush a major disjustice to the character). Oda is asking us to accept that she never once prior was given an opportunity for life...Are you kidding me?

what a lie.

The lesson to learn here is:  BELIVE WHAT YOU SEE, NOT WHAT YOU ARE TOLD.  

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