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Sorry that this is not relevant to the current chapters,

but I'm interested in all the readers thoughts on this

I've been re-reading the 400's chapters and I think I found my favourite way to argue that the Manga is better than the Anime.

When the Going Merry speaks at the end of Enies Lobby,  What kind of voice did you project onto it when you read those words

Who envisioned a solumn, diety-like, Morgan Freeman kind of voice? (or maybe Hiroyuki Sanada if you are Japanese)

or maybe the voice of an young adult, older brother  (like Sabo)

or did you hear the kind of light weight, choir-boy, sentimental voice that is depicted in the anime,

I use this to argue that the Manga is a better story medium, becuase the Merry is supposed to be a guardian angel to the crew. and giving it a kiddie voice makes it feel less like a ship guarded by a virtous spirit and more like a talking toy boat, from a saturday morning cartoon,  Not the most compeling guardian angel.

But as a manga, you can give the Merry whatever voice you want.

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