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Samium Samium 6 January 2017

Nico Robin, human in a world of characters (Essay)

Can someone answer this for me please?

  • *caution you may NOT like what you read * * *

I'm trying to be unbias but,

I have always found that Robin's backstory is the most compelling of all the Straw hats. It might be the only one that was beyond Oda's ability to do justice to, simply because it is pure drama a world that always has some comedy. This is a story about a girl who is delared a sinful living being and supposed procecuted by the world. That is freaking huge, certainly darker than any other subplot in the story. In the real world, North Korea actually persecutes people this way, by jailing relatives of criminals.  

The first half of the Water 7 arc is highly compelling. Robin is presented as a complex, yet sympathetic character. Alas, …

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Samium Samium 27 November 2016

Luffy is so confusing

His maturity level is so inconsistent from episode to episode that, you'd almost think he had multiple personalities.

Todays episode (the first half) is a case, of the more mature Luffy, who has enough attitude and decision making initiative to make you belive that he can become king of the pirates, and then the next time you see him, he will be bouncing up and down on a suspension bridge like a five year old in an inflatable castle.

That's not to say, that it's wrong to give him a bit of whimsy in his personaity, but it's gotten to the point where I think his whimsy needs to be a bit more age appropriate for the story to word, cause the fanbase is aging, and I think more fans will start to feel juggled each passing year.

Which Luffy do you p…

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Samium Samium 21 August 2016

753 - Gorgeous episode

Easily this is one of the best looking episodes of the time-skip.  Nobody depicts sunlight more illustriously than the Japanese animation industry, and the absence of music was also a wise decision.

The shot of The elephant enveloped in the dusky sunlight is one of the best wide shot images since we saw the Merry against the backdrop of Laboon's eyeball.

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Samium Samium 7 August 2016

Anyone for Sabo

Yesderday Sabo made his appearance in the Zou Arc,  Does anyone else think he would make a better protagonist than Luffy.  

Oda really blew a big chance to make Luffy a better character after the timeskip, and the more that he becomes surrounded by Adult Comrades, the more immature he looks, whenever Oda turns the switch from Comedy to Drama.  Oda, has started to rely soley on the comedy side of the switch to make Luffy's progress palitable. Why is he only mature when he's deep in battle?

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Samium Samium 25 June 2016

No Trailer for Heart of Gold?

It's three weeks away and still no trailer?

Nebulandia had multiple trailers a month in advance right?

Did any ot the other specials get previews or trailers?

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