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  • Samium

    Oda seems to like to deal out the emotional scenes in two ways.  

    way one are the scenes where he will pound you over the head with a sledge hammer,

    (Nami's History,  Robin's History,  Ace's Death,  Rebecca and Kyros)

    way two are the scenes where he will slip a dagger through your ribs.

    (Robin meets the Revolutionaries,  Luffy meets Sabo in Dressrossa, Robin and Aokiji talk on Water 7, Law's Backstory)

    Which do you prefer?   

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  • Samium

    1)   Why would Aokiji (who clearly doesn't support absolute justice) grant Spandam the Buster Call authority?

    2)   Why would the Government cover up the Impel Down jailbreak?  I can understand covering up Crocodile's defeat but to deny the marines the right to go after escaped inmates, is both void of common sence and goes against The Goverment's justice agenda (Under Oda's own terms) Why enforce Absolute Justice and then not use it when its actually necessary?

    3)  It feels Disney-fied enough that the Merry comes alive, but how did it get to Enies Lobby so fast?  

    4)  Ace attempting to convice Akainu that Whitebeard was a 'good dad'.  (A classic case of honor usually comes before common sence in Manga dialog)

    5)  Nico Olivia doesn't deserve as…

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  • Samium

    This has probably been done before,  but if there are any history/ political studies buffs out there, I'd be interested in your opition on this.

    Which do you think is more corrupt.

    a)  World Government or North Korea

    b)  World Government or Soviet Russia (under Stalin)

    c)  World Government or Nazi Germany

    d)  World Government or Iraq (under Saddam)

    e)  World Government or Church of Scientology

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  • Samium

    Could someone reminde me why he wanted Robin excluded from the targets.

    The whole calalyst for the Water 7 sagais that he wanted her killed, hence he reported her whereabouts to CP9

    Why did he change his mind?

    If he suddendly wanted her alive, Would that not also imply that even if Spandam succeeded in getting her thought the gates of Justice, Aokiji would have taken some kind of initiative and broken her out of custody  (again?)

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