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Here is the current list of the mysteries of One Piece:

1. Lola's mentioned mother might be the captain of Big Mom Pirates.

2. God Enel story and his connection to the Space Pirates. And mystery of how Enel can breath and live under the sky sea even if he is a devil fruit user. And how the half of Jaya thrown up in the Sky as mentioned by Gan Fall. And the Fairy Vearth he mentioned upon leaving the Skypiea.

3. Uranus identity and Pluton's sleeping place.

4. The Void Century, Poneglyps, The name of the Ancient Kingdom, and the Will of D which some story says it was "Destruction".

5. Did Monkey D. Dragon's rescued kid was Sabo?

6. Luffy's mom.

7. Sanji's eye that Oda mentioned into an interview that was one of the mystery of One Piece storyline.

8. One Piece/Raftel's that Crocus mentioned and Wealth, Fame, and Power of that island.

9. Thriller Bark's mysterious mist and three huge tower-like mountains with eyes on it. Was these the pillars that Prof. Clover mentioned that has connection to Raftel?

10. If Shyarly's prediction is 200% accurate, was this really pertaining to the desctruction of Fishman Island or for the destruction of Marineford that Oda mentioned into an interview? 

11. Battle between Roger and Whitebead and the other Big-name characters of One Piece.

12. Dragon's true Power and as well as the power of Roger that can simply "hear the voices of everything". And Blackbeard's origin and power of acquiring the power among the dead devil fruit users.  And the power of the other three new Yonkou, Big Mom, Kaido, and Shanks.

13. Vegapunk and those artificial Devil Fruits. And as well as the Devil Fruits origin. Are these fruits came from in some trees in Raftel that might be one of the greatest treasures of that island? 

14. The All Blue that mentioned by Sanji.

15. Tony Tony Chopper's blue nose.

16. Noah the "Ship of Promise" and it's secrets.

17. God of Elbaf and Elbaf Kingdom.

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