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I've been keeping a tab on all the errors I've noticed in the recent Vivre Card height listings. Here is a brief rundown of each one thus far. If anyone is curious, I can hash out specifics.

  • Fisher Tiger is wildly too large in ways easily verifiable by comparison with Jinbei, Aladin, Arlong and Koala
  • Trebol's height is notably too short in comparison images with Diamante, Pica, Doflamingo and other Donquixote pirates
  • Vista's height is significantly too high when compared to both other Whitebeard pirates and in particular Shank's crew
  • Rosinante's height directly contradicts SBS and is flagrantly off when compared to Doflamingo
  • Yeti Cool Bro heights are oversized when comparing their extremities (hands and footprints) to the Straw Hats
  • Kyros is gigantically too large compared to Rebecca, Scarlet, Violet and Riku
  • Sugar, Dellinger, Lao G, Senor Pink, Gladius and Machvise all have exaggerated height differences and with some proportional offsettings (eg Senor Pink should be shorter than Jora, Gladius is not much taller than Lao G, Baby 5 is not much shorter than Gladius, Dellinger is much taller than Sugar etc.)
  • Senor Pink should be at least a head shorter than Franky
  • Tsuru is far too short compared to Sengoku and Garp

Updates when I notice.

A note about the Doflamingo Pirates: their heights are all over the board in the comics themselves. Oda dropped the ball basically with making them consistent. In a way the Vivre Card figures have an open court, but they still contradict current-era heights if not necessarily historics.

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