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Hi everyone!

I have some thoughts about the Wano Country arc. Some of them are about fan theories, some about my personal expectations. I’ll also mention some things that might be after Wano. Sorry in advance because I’ll be discursive among fan theories and personal expectations.

1.     Before Wano I heard theories about Zoro’s childhood friend Kuina being alive and she’ll play a role in the Wano arc. Personally I hoped that won’t be true and being in the Wano arc final stage I can positively assume my hopes became reality. Kuina remained dead! So its good in my view.

2.     I also read many other fans’ desire about the Grand Fleet arriving to Wano to help against Kaido. I was more than sure that this desire won’t happen since the Grand Fleet’s captains currently have no idea where is Luffy and his crew. And I’m very pleased that I was right! Tom e the Grand Fleet is a very important thing and I like it so much. But they had hard times against Doflamingo’s crew so they would be not too big of a help against a Yonko crew. Plus ever since the Grand Fleet was formed I always had a vision about them only appearing again in the big final battle.

3.     I also read theories about Yamato and Tama leaving Wano with the Straw Hats after the country becomes free from Kaido. To me if Yamato joining the Straw Hat crew is totally fine! But I really hope after Wano becomes free Tama remains behind. Its not like I have any problem with that little girl, she’s less annoying to me than Shirahoshi or Rebecca were. But she’s still literally a child and after Wano the fights Luffy and his crew must win just becoming more serious and they won’t be able to always look after the little girl. Especially if I consider that with the Beast Pirates’ fall the only thing that makes Tama special (taming artificial zoan users) also ends. Somehow I doubt Tama’s DF could do anything against a real Zoan user. How powerful that would be? Blackbeard’s crew has Catalina Devon with a Zoan DF and Tama just goes there and gives Catalina a dango and one of Blackbeard’s strongest fighter just gets tamed! Now that would be lame and the numerical symbolism also gets shattered. Though I doubt the Straw Hats can win a 1-on-1 fight with Blackbeard’s Titanic Captains. On the other hand Yamato probably could fight 1-on-1 with someone strong, though we don’t really know what Yamato can do in a fight and I have a feeling that we already saw everything Yamato can offer to us in battle-vise in Wano (against Hatcha). Since Yamato will remain hidden and protect Momonosuke. Because Kaido wanted to build the strongest DF-user crew with zoan types and Yamato showed signs of having a DF I’m also curious what DF-power Yamato possibly can have! Maybe a cool ancient type!

4.     After the Dressrosa arc the whole Straw Hat crew got bounty updates. Unfortunately after Whole Cake Island only Luffy and Sanji got updates. And honestly I don’t think the increase Sanji got was well-deserved after how he performed on WCI. But I still hoped that after the big showdown in Wano the whole Straw Hat crew gets updates again. As things going on I’m starting to think my hope won’t be coming true. Usopp and Nami were beaten by the 2 Tobi Roppo. I know the Tobi Roppo are strong but still the 2 Straw Hat were beaten so easily I doubt they’ll get any bounty updates. I always felt sad that Chopper doing so hard but still gaining so little in fame. And since he performs his duty as a doctor the possible bounty update for him also seems far-fetched. And of course Sanji was put against girls (like often) and not fighting back which also seems not something that can increase his bounty. Of course there’s the possibility that the WG won’t know about the showdown in Wano so the bounty increase is unlikely. But still without all the Straw Hats doing good in battle their bounty won’t increase this time even if the WG somehow learns about the showdown. And its sad! Like I said I always felt sorry for Chopper for not having a proper bounty, and I really understood Franky’s frustration that he barely reached 100.000.000 berry after Dressrosa but still couldn’t make it!

5.     I liked so much the Tobi Roppo DF revelations. Now I hope we’ll learn about their bounties and King’s bounty. I know that bounties reflecting the person’s threat-level or strength. But I’m still think these are not always important or these things not always showing the real threat a person can mean for the system. Since the Tobi Roppo probably not left Wano too often their bounties probably not showing their real threat-level either. But still the bounties are showing it to some extent and since the Tobi Roppo are very powerful I’m very curious about their bounties. And this goes much stronger for King. Big Mom also mentioned King is possible the last remaining member of a now extinct race which could also give a plus to King’s threat-level. And I’m curious if King’s bounty higher than Luffy’s or not. If King’s bounty smaller or the exact same as Luffy’s then Luffy must get a higher bounty to be only outshone by the Yonko!

6.     As the final showdown proceeds I want to see how the fight between Wanda, Carrot and Perospero going on. It would be cool if Perospero falls. Especially if Big Mom somehow won’t be defeated. At least let the girls avenge Pedro’s death. Plus causing a big blow to the BMP.

7.     Since many fans await the Straw Hats visiting Elbaf and Elbaf has a strong and not positive connection with Big Mom this also indicates that Big Mom might not get defeated in Wano. And this also means that at least it would be good if Perospero really falls. Though I honestly hope the Straw Hats won’t visit Elbaf because the Road Poneglyphs suggesting a different route. Of course there’s still the possiblity that the still unknown location for the last Road Poneglyph is Elbaf.

8.     I feel sad about Caribou is not present. Its not like I like that guy too much. But many fans (including me) hopes that Luffy will eventually have a Logia user in his crew. And the Logia users are very few and not really standing in lines to join Luffy’s crew so Caribou seemed the last hope to fulfill that requirement. Though he has many differencies in mentality with the Straw Hats and even if he’s a Logia user he’s not really showing the power the other Logia users possess. So its hard to tell if Caribou would be a good addition to the Straw Hat crew.

9.     There are those who feels kinda disappointed that Orochi was killed that easily. Of course I feel this a little. But to me it was fine. At least the alliance wouldn’t have to face the shogun in combat during the raid. No matter how unfit Orochi would be in a real fight where the enemy dare to strike back he still possessed the strong zoan DF which could’ve been problematic. So thanks to Kaido for eliminating that problem.

10.  Talking about disappointment, I somehow expected Shinobu to fight with the Oniwabanshu. And even could imagine a fight where Shinobu battles against Chome and Jigoku Benten. Or at least against one of them if they that powerful. Though just like Orochi the Oniwanashu seemed a greater threat than they ended as the story went on.

I hope that you guys liked my little list of what I think about Wano so far and what I hope from the future! I'm very curious what you think about them. And please excuse me if I made mistakes in my statements, I rushed with things here.

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