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It's no secret that Luffy has fought many a bad guy in his day, but who has come the closest to actually killing him? I ask because, there are times when i imagine Straw Hat suffering a pummling reminiscent of those Goku suffered from Cooler, Broly, Lord Slug and Vegeta the first time. Those times, it really didn't look like Goku was gonna win and that death was just around the corner for him.

So, who came to the closest to taking out the Rubber Man? Who came the closest to piercing his heart? Who came closest to taking off his head? Who came closest to pummling him to death? In the RogueTown arc, Luffy was only seconds away from losing his life, with him only being saved by a lightning bolt. Makes me wonder what would have happened if Buggy and Alvida had Kuro and/or Arlong with them, Luffy probably would have been slaughtered.

So any thoughts?

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