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  • Staw-Hat Luffy

    Hi, Im Staw.

    So what am I supposed to type in here?..

    Oh right... I hadnt made a blog for like years so I forgot (piss off nova)

    So Luffy "finally" got a 4th great right???? RIGHT?????

    Did you like this fact?

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  • Staw-Hat Luffy

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Guys!'S BACK

    So I just remembered that we had a fun event last year, so why not do it again \'o'/

    Most of the old edit whores including myself are now either inactive or banned *cough Gal St cough* and instead of us new people are heeeeeeeeeere so why not let me know how good you guys whore nowadays ( -_-)

    So, after this boring intro, let's explain how this shet works:

    In order to participate, just post this in the comments: *breaks done*

    Yeah, anyway the namespaces that count are:

    1. Article
    2. User page (worst one :P)
    3. User talk (Most talkative person. Alternatively, the one that fixed the most redlinks in anons' talks *cough*St*cough*)
    4. Files (This automatically goes to Gal, rest of us are competing for the second place ;)
    5. T…
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  • Staw-Hat Luffy

    One Piece Breaks

    April 9, 2014 by Staw-Hat Luffy

    Heyo, IT'S STAW :O..I think I haven't made a blog since like May/June last year so yah, here I am, to talk about the breaks One Piece takes. First off, after two great chapters, One Piece is on break next week, again, heck, didn't Oda get a break again like...two weeks ago? Even though Oda is a really devoted mangaka, recently he's been getting way too many breaks, he has got like 7 this year alone...and it's start of April... Weekly Shounen Jump has really let Oda do whatever he wants with his series apparently and while that is good for many things concerning the plot development and and and...I wish they would limit the breaks he takes a little. I don't mind a lot since he's a great mangaka but this many breaks annoy me, like everyone el…

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  • Staw-Hat Luffy

    Hi everyone \'o'/ I'm here with another staw blog.....OH THE HORROR....

    Anyway, this is yet another braindead blog of mine about theme songs for the users of the wiki. Let me explain...Lately, on chat we have started giving theme songs at each other so per Kage's and Nova's suggestion, I am here to present you guys our theme songs and give you theme songs too *^*

    So, here I go..

    1. User:Staw-Hat Luffy →
    2. User:Awaikage →
    3. User:12th Supernova →
    4. User:DancePowderer →
    5. User:Fintin →
    6. User:Jademing →
    7. User:…
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  • Staw-Hat Luffy

    An Update

    October 27, 2013 by Staw-Hat Luffy

    Hi everyone! Welp, seeing that the wiki's discussions are moving terribly slowly, I decided to make a blog, after asking the opinion of some chat uses, in order to inform the part of the community that doesn't really care about discussions and all because I figured it's good to keep you updated either way. So, here ago..

    First of, I'll just link the polls of the wiki that should interest everyone. Please keep in mind you must be a registered user for three months and have at least 300 edits in order to vote.

    • Forum:Site Polls#Poll 2. Site polls forum has returned and we're polling whether we will use polls in articles or not.
    • File talk:Vergo Full Body Haki.png#Poll. And another image poll, this time we're polling Vergo's haki picture, again fe…

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